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MONDRI is a modern approach to exclusive and original amber jewelry

Here at MONDRI we share innovative and modern approach to exclusive amber jewelry. We seek to create unique pieces which would be characterized by subtle aesthetics and delicate elegance. MONDRI jewelry is designed for stylish people, who appreciate natural beauty and excellent quality. Most MONDRI jewelry is not only fashionable and dainty, but it is also functional and suitable for daily wear.

MONDRI jewelry is handcrafted from natural, high quality, carefully selected amber that comes from all over the world. Amber is an outstanding gemstone, which unveils the mystery hidden millions of years ago. Each piece of amber is one of a kind as its beauty is created by nature itself. It is the nature and the latest fashion trends that inspire us to create jewelry with a unique and contemporary design. Delicate and precise minimalistic forms, masterfully combined precious metals and natural amber together turn into modern and unique jewelry.

MONDRI jewelry is made with great love, revealing the natural beauty of amber. Every piece of jewelry is a small piece of handmade art that will become an integral part of your style.

Discover modern Amber jewelry and feel the warmth of timeless Natural Beauty!


• Amber jewelry for Body and Soul •

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